Video Project 2 (Final)


FInally the last version of our video project 2 came out. We have finished editing it and ready to show the audience.


Things that I had this week


This is strawberry-lemon frapuccino that I ordered from a cafe near my place. I have never come to this place before but I liked it. I guess I will be coming here often from now on.


This is a brand-new menu from KFC. It is called ‘tabasco burger’.

It is somewhat spicy and I loved it. It looks delicious especially because of the red coloured bread.


It is pork called ‘Sam-gyup-sal’. One of my favorite food in the world.


It is called “Co-da-ri”. It is dried fish with some spicy sauce. I am not a big fan of sea foods so I don’t really have them often.


It is pork soup with some tofu, and all kinds of vegatables. It was the first time I try this and I became a huge fan of this.

Having a bowl of soondae soup

I had a bowl of soondae with my girlfriend.

It wasn’t really the best bowl of soondae soup.

Like any other soondae restaurant, they had a few of side dishes with nothing special.

However, the price of the foods were fairly low.


After we finished our bowls, we headed to the electronic shops where they sell from TV, computers to bluetooth speakers.

I didn’t really have a speaker to buy in my mind, but as soon as I saw them playing musics, I thought that would worth the price.